Galway Lake Campers’ Association


Galway Lake, formerly known as the Amsterdam Reservoir, was constructed in 1855, and in the next twenty years it was enlarged twice, to the present 580 acres.

The lake is owned by the Galway Lake Campers’ Association, Inc. and its members enjoy relaxing on the water, boating, fishing and swimming through the payment of an annual water assessment fee to the Galway Lake Campers’ Association (GLCA).

The GLCA was incorporated for the following purposes:

  1. A.As owner of Galway Lake and associated land and other property, to represent and act for its members in the use, operation and maintenance of these holdings.

  2. B.To levy and collect monies equitably from its members for payment of costs incurred in fulfilling its obligations.

  3. C.To promote and encourage safe and healthy recreational use of the water of Galway Lake by members, their families, guests and tenants.


Galway Lake and the GLCA


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A Privately Owned Membership Lake Located In Galway, New York

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