How We Operate

Board of Directors: GLCA is managed by its Board of Directors, composed of a director chosen by each of the10 geographic sections (groves) of the lake, plus 4 directors at large elected by the general membership at the GLCA annual meeting, with 2 elected each year for a 2-year term.  The officers (president, vice president, secretary/treasurer) are elected by the Board of Directors for 2-year terms.

2024 Board of Directors

  • Officers: President, John Buhrmaster; Vice President, Beth Krueger; Secretary/Treasurer, Peter Zakriski
  • Directors at Large: John Buhrmaster, Kurt Ladu, Edward Piotrowski, Glen Rundell
  • District (Grove) Directors: Kerry Brennan (Rohling), Bruce Clarke (Maywood), Beth Krueger (Weiss), John Orton (Ruback), Peter Zakriski (David-Schwenker), Deborah Wade (Jeffers), Keith Makrin (Adabar-Fink), Brad Bischoff (Adabar B), James Lombard (Harts), Heidi Muschick (Dedrick-Pollock)
  • Clerk – Lois Seyse


Committees: The Association committees focus on particular areas of management and work for preservation, protection, conservation and enjoyment of the lake and its environs. GLCA appreciates the time and knowledge shared by our committee volunteers.

2024 Committees:

  • Conservation: Ed Pietrowski, Chair
  • Facilities: David Hennel, Chair
  • Finance and Insurance: Peter Zakriski, Chair
  • Lake Preservation: Glen Rundell, Chair
  • Communications: Beth Krueger, Chair
  • Membership Engagement: Hasna Kaddo, Chair
  • Dam Management and Boat Launch: Kurt Ladu
  • Real Estate: John Buhrmaster, Chair