Our Membership

  • Joining the GLCA: Owners and leasers of real property in the Town of Galway Lake District, as described in Lake District September 17, 2007 map are considered potential members of GLCA. Potential members should submit a request for membership. Owners and lessors in the Town Lake District who have deeded lake access must be current members in order to use the lake for any purpose. Owners within the Town Lake District who do not have deeded access to the lake or a membership in a private beach may support the association and the value a healthy and well-maintained dam brings to their property by becoming members.


  • Members in good standing: Current members (with dues fully paid) have lake privileges, in accordance with any access granted in their deed, a membership in a private beach association, and GLCA rules and regulations. Each membership has Association voting privileges (one vote per membership).


  • Dues: Current members vote on the annual budget and dues at the GLCA annual meeting of membership in July with members then notified by mail of dues.