DATE: Saturday, June 25, 2022

TIME: 9:00 AM

INSTRUCTORS: Jim Millard and Dave Greenwood

PLEASE RESPOND BY: June 11, 2022

If you know how to sail and would like to learn to race or improve your racing techniques, the Galway Lake Sailing Club will offer a dry land racing clinic this summer.  Topics addressed will include:

• Boat trim and sail trim

• Starting rules and strategy

• Beat, reach and run strategies

• Right of way rules

• Mark roundings

The class is free and is open to those 12 years of age or older.  Class size will be limited to 5.  If interested or have questions, please text or call Jim at 518-577-8707.  If interest is high enough, a second session will be scheduled for the following weekend.

Annual Meeting – July 9, 2022

The Annual Meeting of the GLCA will be held on Saturday, July 9, 2022. The meeting will be held at the Ruback’s Grove Pavilion and will also be presented via Zoom.

More information on the Zoom connection will be provided before the meeting. I hope that you can all attend to better understand the work of the GLCA and ask any questions that you may have.

Have a wonderful year at the lake.

Drawdown Reminder

I just wanted to post a reminder that the annual drawdown of Galway Lake will start on October 23. If you have a boat that needs to be taken out of the lake please make accommodations to do so.

September 4, 2021 – GLCA Board Meeting Notes

The GLCA Board met on September 4, 2021, and the following are summary notes of issues addressed during the meeting. Contact GLCA if you have questions.

Lake Drawdown: Following a report by the Lake Preservation Committee, the Board approved the Committee’s recommended annual drawdown of Galway Lake to begin October 23, 2021, until the level is 7’ below normal. The lake level will be held 7’ below normal operating level until the refill process begins on January 1, 2022. The annual drawdown aids in the suppression of milfoil within the lake.

Lake level: As of the meeting, the lake level was reported at 20.45’ at the control tower. The lake was lowered in anticipation of rain from the impact of Hurricane Ida.

Lake Preservation: The Lake Preservation Committee reported a positive year for Galway Lake, with significant weed suppression, no major algae blooms; a few minor, non-toxic, algae blooms which dissipated; and additional GLCA Members using the septic pump-out benefit for 2021 through the Association’s program with Odorless Sanitary Cleaners. [GLCA Members in good standing are reimbursed for the cost of pumping up to 1,000 gallons of septic waste every two years. We encourage all members to participate in this valuable program to help protect the lake.]

Insurance: The GLCA’s liability insurance policy has been renewed with a 7% premium increase. National Insurance Carriers have advised the GLCA that insurance rates continue to increase.

Membership Dues: At this point, 81.6% of 2021 GLCA membership dues have been collected, up from 80% last year at this time.

2021 Annual Drawdown Starts October 23, 2021

The GLCA will begin the annual drawdown of Galway Lake on October 23,  2021. We will drawdown the lake and hold its level until January 1, 2022, when we commence the refill operation.

Please be cautious during the refill process as the depth of the ice on the lake may change dramatically as we bring the level up and hold it until the ice goes out.

Fish in Galway Lake

Do you know what kinds of fish are in Galway Lake?

Fish Species in Galway Lake
Fish Species in Galway Lake


GLCA 2021 Board Meeting Notes

The GLCA Board of Directors meets periodically throughout the year. Below is a summary of actions taken to date in 2021. Contact GLCA if you have questions.

Dam spillway and membership: At its June 26 meeting, the Board adopted the Dam spillway zone description per state New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR). With that measure, the Board stated that GLCA membership is limited to owners of property in the Lake District with deeded access or lakefront property that does not require lake access through the Dam and spillway zone. The dam was inspected in January. Work in the Dam area includes tree cutting and fence modifications.

Dues: At the August 7 meeting, the Board adopted a motion that legal communications will be undertaken for member properties three years in arrears of dues payments.

Boating: A the May 29 meeting, the Board approved a policy prohibiting hydrofoil watercraft of any design on Galway Lake. At the June 26 meeting, provisions regarding reporting and violations of the policy were put in place.

Lake preservation and conservation: Each of the 2021 Board meetings included updates on lake preservation measures.

  • The annual shoreline survey has been completed and looks good.
  • GLCA is continuing to participate in the NYS Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) and is conducting lake water testing.
  • GLCA continues to work in coordination with the town of Galway on septic problems. At the May 29 meeting, a motion was adopted continuing the septic pump-out program with Odorless Sanitary Cleaners, whereby members in good standing will be reimbursed for the cost of pumping up to 1,000 gallons of septic waste every two years by Odorless.
  • Sightings of algae blooms were investigated and found to be non-harmful. The board continues to review lake weeds and remedial measures. Members are asked to report algae bloom sights to the Grove Director, Lake Preservation Committee Chair Bruce Kniskern or CSLAP Coordinator Ed Piotrowski.
  • In regard to certain fish death sightings earlier in the season, the Department of Environmental Conservation has confirmed that the Sunfish and Bluegill are susceptible in warm weather shallow water as was seen.
  • The USDA Wildlife Services has been asked to conduct a round-up and removal of resident geese, given the increased population.
  • The lake level is reported at each meeting and was 20.73 as of the August 7 meeting.

Website: At the August 7 meeting, it was reported that the GLCA website has been updated and additional information will be posted.

Committees: The President, at the August 7 meeting, established a new committee on real property. Other committees are Facilities, Income Maintenance, Insurance, Lake Preservation, Conservation, and Legal.

Hydrofoil watercraft

Hydrofoil watercraft of any design are prohibited on Galway Lake by Board policy approved in May 2021. High-speed personal motorized watercraft such as jet skis and ECO watercraft were prohibited in 2009.

The scoop on goose goop

Don’t sweep goose leavings into the lake, whether from a float, dock, yard, or elsewhere. Leavings are detrimental to the lake’s health.

Canada geese

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