Weed Suppression Test in West Bay Cove

During the latter part of the 2008 season, the GLCA Board approved the funding of a project to test the use of a weighted Geotextile fabric mat to suppress the growth of Eurasian Milfoil and other weeds. The site selected for the test was West Bay Cove, which has an extremely dense growth of Eurasian Milfoil that impedes all forms of recreational activity.

Geotextile Fabric Mat Installation in West Bay Cove

The objective of this test is to create a relatively weed-free path running the length of the cove to permit the transit of recreational boats. Ed Forner agreed to chair the project and, with the assistance of Andy McPherson, provided for the planning, material acquisition, and installation of the mat.

Ed and Andy completed the installation of the mat during the week of January 5, 2009. The project was scheduled for early January to optimize the chance for a successful installation on the lake bed, but this timing required most of the work to be done in freezing temperatures while wearing snowshoes. The mat measures 12.5 feet wide by almost 900 feet long and is weighed down with 90 PVC tubes filled with rebar that are lashed to the mat every 10 feet.

Ed and Andy deserve a great deal of gratitude for their outstanding efforts on this project and hopefully, we will have a weed-free path for recreational boating in the West Bay Cove during the 2009 season. We will inform you of the results of this project and how it may apply to the treatment of other locations within the lake during the coming season.

Lake Refill Process Underway

The process to refill Galway Lake for the 2009 season has commenced. The lower gate has been closed and the lake will be brought up three feet over the coming weeks. Please be aware that the condition of the ice will be very unpredictable during this period of time and for your safety we advise that you stay off the ice.

Water entering the lake through the North Chuctanunda Creek

Upon retaining this initial water we will continue to fill the lake, at a slower rate, as our focus is a full lake for the 2009 season. This continued fill means the lake level will be unstable and thus the ice will be unsafe.

2008 Drawdown Complete

Kurt Ladu has reported that the 2008 lake drawdown was completed just before the end of November. We will hold the lake at its current level until mid-January to allow for the installation of a weed control measure we are testing in West Bay Cove. In mid-January, we will close the gate and bring the lake up slowly to its proper winter level.

Drawdown Completed in November
Refill to Commence Mid-January

During this time and throughout the entire winter please do not rely on the ice to be safe. We also want to remind all members that ice fishing is not allowed on Galway Lake. As noted on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s website Galway Lake is a private lake and the GLCA does not allow ice fishing.

2008 Lake Drawdown

The GLCA Board of Directors has set November 1, 2008, as the date, this year’s lake drawdown will commence. Please make sure that you have removed all boats that may become stranded due to a lack of water prior to this date.

Galway Lake Dam Outlet

Please note that the first priority for the lake level committee in the spring is to ensure a full lake for the 2009 summer season. Please do not leave any docks or boat lifts on the lake bottom as they may be damaged by ice during the spring refill.

GLCA Boat Launch Facility Open

The GLCA Boat Launch Facility is now open for use by members of the Association. The launch is located on the south side of the Galway Lake Dam and is available by appointment only.

To schedule a time to have your boat retrieved this fall please contact Kurt Ladu at 518.269.0397.

For full information on the use of the launch ramp please review the boat launch procedures on the GLCA site.

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