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We are going to start sending regular emails as we post news and information on the GLCA website as well as other notifications. We have collected many email addresses, but we are still missing several hundred members.

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I hope that you all had a wonderful summer at the lake and that you will enjoy more time at the lake before the conclusion of 2022.


September 3, 2023 – Board Meeting Minutes

GLCA Board meeting summary – September 3, 2022

Facilities: Appreciation was expressed to Kurt Ladu for posting the new warning and no trespassing/no swimming signs on the tower of the dam. Additional signage is planned as part of this safety initiative.

John Buhrmaster announced that the Co-Chairs of the Facilities Committee are Louis Buhrmaster and David Hennel. The tree removal at the dam is underway. The emergency action plan development project also is proceeding, headed by Lisa O’Connor, working with Lisa Turner.

Lake level and drawdown: Kurt Ladu reported that the lake is at 20.5 feet. The Board slated the usual seven-foot drawdown this fall, to begin October 22 and completed about December 1, with the refill to start January 1, 2023. Members should also keep the drawdown timeline in mind when planning to remove their boats from the lake.

Lake preservation: Bruce Rowell, newly appointed Committee Chair, discussed monitoring the types and growth patterns of weeds in the lake. Work continues to identify the source of nutrients entering the lake in the northwest corner. Testing of beaches had positive results. It was noted that members replaced several septic tanks this year. Upkeep of septic systems and use of the GLCA pump-out program were cited as important to lake preservation.

Conservation: Edward Piotrowski, Chair, reported positive fishing this season. The Board adopted a motion for the Conservation Committee to prepare a report and recommendations on a proposed fish study of the lake, including defining the parameters of the study, cost considerations, and related elements, for presentation to the Board. The project will be conducted in coordination with the Lake Preservation Committee. 

Finances and insurance: Secretary-Treasurer Peter Zakriski reported that 81% of members have submitted 2022 dues, down slightly from 81.6% last year. The Association’s general liability and umbrella policies have been renewed at an increase of 5.3%.

Community projects: The Board planned a feasibility study committee to examine considerations in possible collaboration with the Sailing Club on social activities at the lake or the possible formation of a community/entertainment committee. The study committee was asked to report its findings and recommendations at the first Board meeting of the 2023 season.

Board meetings: The Board agreed to hold meetings remotely during the off-season.

2022 Drawdown to Start on October 22nd

The Galway Lake Drawdown for the 2022 season will commence on October 22, 2022. The lake will drop at approximately 1 – 2 inches per day. We will reach the winter level in early December and hold it until January 1 when the refill process will commence.

During the winter, the water level will be adjusted as needed until the ice goes out in the spring. During this time it is dangerous to be on the ice and we ask everyone to be careful. This is why we do not allow ice fishing for members and their guests. We ask each member to abide by this rule to help everyone have a safe winter.

August 6, 2022 – GLCA Board Meeting Notes

GLCA Board Meeting Summary: August 6, 2022

Officer elections: Glen Rundell was elected as President of GLCA and John Buhrmaster as Vice President. Peter Zakriski was re-elected as Secretary-Treasurer. They took office at the conclusion of this meeting.

Appreciation was expressed to Bruce Rowell for his service as President and to the GLCA throughout the years. The Board thanked Louis Buhrmaster and Bruce Kniskern, who are concluding their terms as directors-at-large, for their many years of service on the Board and as Committee Chairs.

 Facilities/real property: Louis Buhrmaster, Chair, reported that Committee member David Hennel is arranging with a company for additional tree-cutting at the dam. He also reported that an emergency action plan is being prepared, including with Lisa O’Connor and Linda Turner, given their background in developing such plans.

Finances: Secretary-Treasurer Peter Zakriski noted that 62.6% of the 2022 dues had been received at the time of the meeting, compared to 66% last year. Communication was read from Mark Cieslak that his review of GLCA financial records for July 2019-20 and July 2020-21 found these to be in excellent condition and met appropriate accounting procedures.

 Lake preservation: Bruce Kniskern, Chair of the Lake Preservation Committee, reviewed preservation initiatives, including the development of a testing plan in coordination with the Town of Galway to locate the source of nutrients entering at certain points of the lake. It was noted that GLCA members should check needed NYS Department of Environmental Conservation or other government permits if they are doing shoreline projects.

Lake level: Kurt Ladu reported that, at the time of this meeting, the lake was full at 20.65 feet.

Questions: Contact Glen Rundell, President

May 28, 2022 – GLCA Board Meeting Minutes

GLCA Board Meeting: May 28, 2022

Lake preservation: Bruce Kniskern, Chair of the Lake Preservation Committee, reviewed preservation initiatives. He announced that he will be stepping down from the Committee as of the August meeting. He was thanked for his efforts over the years.

Goose round-up: GLCA is contracting with the NYS Department of Agriculture to conduct a round-up and transport in late June of geese at the lake at a cost not to exceed $2,300.

Lake level: Kurt Ladu reported that the lake, at the time of this meeting, is full at 20.7 feet. The fall drawdown began October 23, 2021, and was complete by December 4, 2021. The lake was full by April 17, 2022.

Lake quality: The NYS Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) program reported that Galway Lake has very favorable short- and long-term water quality trends. The Association has participated in CSLAP since 1990 and continues to conduct water testing. Ed Piotrowski is the GLCA’s CSLAP Coordinator.

Septic pump out: The Board determined to continue the septic pump-out program with Odorless Sanitary Cleaners at $190/participating camp. GLCA members in good standing can receive reimbursement every two years for the pumping of up to 1000 gallons of septic waste. The use of the program is growing, which is identified as aiding in lake preservation.

Membership and finances:

  • Budget and dues: The Board endorsed the proposed 2022 budget and a proposed dues amount of $255 for positive action of the membership at the annual meeting in July 2022. Secretary-Treasurer Peter Zakriski reported that dues payments were at 94% as of May 27.
  • Nonuse designation: The Board eliminated the ability of owners to file non-use certificates for properties and to start billing dues for these properties as of July 1, 2023. This would include the elimination of nonuse designation that is currently in practice, as well as an opportunity for new nonuse designations. 


  • Dam: Arrangements are being made for additional tree and stump removal in the vicinity of the dam.
  • Fence at Jeffers: At the request o the Jeffers Grove representative, the Board adopted a motion for the replacement of the gate in the fence at Jeffers Grove with a solid piece of fencing.

Questions: Contact Bruce Rowell, President


DATE: Saturday, June 25, 2022

TIME: 9:00 AM

INSTRUCTORS: Jim Millard and Dave Greenwood

PLEASE RESPOND BY: June 11, 2022

If you know how to sail and would like to learn to race or improve your racing techniques, the Galway Lake Sailing Club will offer a dry land racing clinic this summer.  Topics addressed will include:

• Boat trim and sail trim

• Starting rules and strategy

• Beat, reach and run strategies

• Right of way rules

• Mark roundings

The class is free and is open to those 12 years of age or older.  Class size will be limited to 5.  If interested or have questions, please text or call Jim at 518-577-8707.  If interest is high enough, a second session will be scheduled for the following weekend.

Annual Meeting – July 9, 2022

The Annual Meeting of the GLCA will be held on Saturday, July 9, 2022. The meeting will be held at the Ruback’s Grove Pavilion and will also be presented via Zoom.

More information on the Zoom connection will be provided before the meeting. I hope that you can all attend to better understand the work of the GLCA and ask any questions that you may have.

Have a wonderful year at the lake.

Drawdown Reminder

I just wanted to post a reminder that the annual drawdown of Galway Lake will start on October 23. If you have a boat that needs to be taken out of the lake please make accommodations to do so.

September 4, 2021 – GLCA Board Meeting Notes

The GLCA Board met on September 4, 2021, and the following are summary notes of issues addressed during the meeting. Contact GLCA if you have questions.

Lake Drawdown: Following a report by the Lake Preservation Committee, the Board approved the Committee’s recommended annual drawdown of Galway Lake to begin October 23, 2021, until the level is 7’ below normal. The lake level will be held 7’ below normal operating level until the refill process begins on January 1, 2022. The annual drawdown aids in the suppression of milfoil within the lake.

Lake level: As of the meeting, the lake level was reported at 20.45’ at the control tower. The lake was lowered in anticipation of rain from the impact of Hurricane Ida.

Lake Preservation: The Lake Preservation Committee reported a positive year for Galway Lake, with significant weed suppression, no major algae blooms; a few minor, non-toxic, algae blooms which dissipated; and additional GLCA Members using the septic pump-out benefit for 2021 through the Association’s program with Odorless Sanitary Cleaners. [GLCA Members in good standing are reimbursed for the cost of pumping up to 1,000 gallons of septic waste every two years. We encourage all members to participate in this valuable program to help protect the lake.]

Insurance: The GLCA’s liability insurance policy has been renewed with a 7% premium increase. National Insurance Carriers have advised the GLCA that insurance rates continue to increase.

Membership Dues: At this point, 81.6% of 2021 GLCA membership dues have been collected, up from 80% last year at this time.

2021 Annual Drawdown Starts October 23, 2021

The GLCA will begin the annual drawdown of Galway Lake on October 23,  2021. We will drawdown the lake and hold its level until January 1, 2022, when we commence the refill operation.

Please be cautious during the refill process as the depth of the ice on the lake may change dramatically as we bring the level up and hold it until the ice goes out.