Darrin Freshwater Institute Report

The Darrin Freshwater Institute has submitted their report with regards to the work performed during the 2009 season. The report is available in PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking on the following link.

Galway Lake Final Report 2009

The GLCA Board has met and discussed the information contained within this report. The Board is in the process of developing an integrated lake management plan as well as mitigation steps that will be commenced in 2010.

The plan for 2010 will be provided to all members of the Association in the 2010 annual letter. Please plan on attending the annual business meeting of the GLCA on July 10. At the annual meeting we will present the findings of the Darrin report and our plan for 2010 and beyond.

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding this report please contact your Grove Director as they are prepared to discuss the report in detail and answer your questions.

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