GLCA Boat Launch Facility Information


1. Use of the launch facility, located on the south side of the Galway Lake Dam, is limited to GLCA members in good standing (assessment paid in full).

2. User must sign the GLCA Agreement and waiver prior to use of the launch facility:

a. Absolving GLCA, its Board of Directors, and its representatives of any and all liability associated with the use of the launching facility,

b. That boat and trailer have been pressure washed and dried for at least 5 days after being used in any waters other than Galway Lake; and

c. That if the tow vehicle and/or trailer get stuck, they will be towed at the owner’s expense. Any damage caused to the ramp or Dam Road from the tow vehicle will be repaired at the cost of the boat owner.

3. Launching and retrieval services will be provided by appointment only:

a. Contact Kurt Ladu at 518.269.0397 to arrange for a launch date and time as well as to receive an agreement and waiver to complete and sign prior to the launch.

b. Arrive at designated launch time with tow vehicle driver and boat operator, signed and dated waiver and launch fee (check or money order) payable to the Galway Lake Campers’ Association, Inc.

c. The launch fee will be $20.00 per launch or retrieval.

d. Contact Kurt Ladu at 518.269.0397 to arrange for a designated retrieval date and time.

4. No launching of guest’s boat(s) is permitted. This service is provided for GLCA members for their boats only.

5. Commercial trailers transporting a camper’s boat may use the launch facility only if the trailer is certified to be reserved for the delivery of boats to Galway Lake or that both the trailer and boat have been pressure washed and dried for at least 5 days after use in any body of water other than Galway Lake.

6. No boats will be retrieved after November 1 (or alternate date to be announced)

7. No more than one boat per hour to be scheduled for launching or retrieval (to avoid line-up of trailers blocking Dam Road access to local residents).

8. No trailers or vehicles are to be left in the launch area or on Dam Road (must have both a boat operator and vehicle driver when using the facility)

9. Launch facility gates will be locked at all times when not in use.

10. Launch Facility Attendant (Kurt Ladu) has authority over the launch and retrieval process and the authority to cancel boat launching or retrieval if conditions warrant.

Boat Launch Facility Documents

• The above Boat Launch Facility Procedure is also available here Boat Launch Procedure.pdf – Boat Launch Agreement 08182008 Final v1_1

• The Boat Launch Facility Agreement is available here for downloading and submission Boat Launch Agreement.pdf – Boat Launch Procedure 08162008Final