GLCA Members,

Welcome to summer at Galway Lake! Although the summer solstice has not yet arrived, it’s clear by the number of kayaks, sailboats and other water activities that the summer has now arrived on our precious lake. The docks are out, the boats are in, and it’s time to start having fun enjoying all the activities that we love on Galway Lake. I am excited to start my 60th summer enjoying our lake, each one better than the last.

At last year’s annual meeting and throughout the summer, we heard two prevailing requests from our members. First was to increase communication and second was to continue the work on the quality of the lake.

On the communication front, we have strived to increase the transparency and frequency of our communications to you, the members. Since last July, we have posted over a dozen messages on our website keeping you updated on the activities of your volunteer board and committees. Our communications committee has also been hard at work at designing the new webpage which you are looking at now. The many suggestions we have heard from our members have been incorporated into a new and updated source of information for our members. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Sincere thanks go out to Glen Rundell and Advanced Information Management Inc. For hosting and maintaining our previous webpage at no cost to the GLCA, since its inception nearly two decades ago.

On the lake quality front, the GLCA leadership has met with the new Galway Town Supervisor and Building Inspector to find ways we can work together to eliminate failed septic systems as they are discovered. We are pleased to say that work has already begun to coordinate with the Town and the state health department on offending systems. Please do your part and participate in the pump-out program, and contact us when you see or smell potential trouble spots. We have a strong team ready to help the Town identify issues. In addition, please be reminded that Town of Galway Law states that any property sold in the Lake District must have a septic inspection done prior to closing.

If you will be renting your camp this summer, please be sure to have a copy of the Rules and Regulations posted in your camp, and remind your tenants especially of our rules requiring the washing of ALL watercraft brought to our lake from other bodies of water. The spread of invasive species is rampant and the best way to keep our lake from being infected is to eliminate the foreign plants and animals from boats before launching.

The Board and I wish you a happy, peaceful, summer filled with memories.