Lake Refill Update

The level of Galway Lake at the control tower is currently 18’ and we will hold the lake level between 18’ and 18.6’ until the ice is gone. Currently, the ice is still rather thick and we estimate it will be another couple of weeks before it is gone.

Galway Lake ice condition as viewed from Control Tower on March 28, 2009

During the refill process, you may note that there is an outflow of water from the Dam. This is due to weather conditions, the weather forecast, and the daily inflow rate all of which impact total lake volume and the need to closely monitor and adjust the Dam controls to maintain the targeted lake level.

Ice conditions as noted on main lake March 28, 2009

Kurt Ladu monitors the Dam daily, many times more than once a day, during the refill process. He adjusts the Dam controls as needed to maintain lake level targets during this period of time. As soon as the ice is gone Kurt will close the gates and bring the lake up an additional two feet to the summer operating level. Last year the ice left Galway Lake on April 12 and we are hoping for an earlier date this year if the weather cooperates.

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