Weed Suppression Test in West Bay Cove

During the latter part of the 2008 season, the GLCA Board approved the funding of a project to test the use of a weighted Geotextile fabric mat to suppress the growth of Eurasian Milfoil and other weeds. The site selected for the test was West Bay Cove, which has an extremely dense growth of Eurasian Milfoil that impedes all forms of recreational activity.

Geotextile Fabric Mat Installation in West Bay Cove

The objective of this test is to create a relatively weed-free path running the length of the cove to permit the transit of recreational boats. Ed Forner agreed to chair the project and, with the assistance of Andy McPherson, provided for the planning, material acquisition, and installation of the mat.

Ed and Andy completed the installation of the mat during the week of January 5, 2009. The project was scheduled for early January to optimize the chance for a successful installation on the lake bed, but this timing required most of the work to be done in freezing temperatures while wearing snowshoes. The mat measures 12.5 feet wide by almost 900 feet long and is weighed down with 90 PVC tubes filled with rebar that are lashed to the mat every 10 feet.

Ed and Andy deserve a great deal of gratitude for their outstanding efforts on this project and hopefully, we will have a weed-free path for recreational boating in the West Bay Cove during the 2009 season. We will inform you of the results of this project and how it may apply to the treatment of other locations within the lake during the coming season.

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