The Galway Lake Preservation Committee’s 2008 Season Report highlights the potential threat of non-indigenous, invasive species to Galway Lake. Two of the more serious threats are zebra mussels and spiny water fleas. Zebra mussels have smothered native mussels and crayfish, littered beaches with their sharp shells, and clogged water intake pipes within other bodies of water. Spiny water fleas are crustaceans that have caused the decline or elimination of some species of native zooplankton, an important food source for fish and other aquatic organisms within other bodies of water.

In order to more thoroughly introduce these two invasive species to all members of the Association Dr. George Giokas has put together an informational brochure. This brochure was distributed to all of the members who attended the July 11 Annual Meeting of the GLCA.

For those of you who were unable to attend or who would like additional copies to provide to your guests or tenants please download a PDF copy by clicking on the following link:

2009 Zebra Mussel & Spiny Water Flea Handout.pdf

2009 Mussel & Flea Handout.pdf

This is a very important topic and one in which you can directly aid in protecting our lake.

If you would like further information on invasive species please follow this link to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservations website: