Pump Out Program Overview

As you know in 2015 the GLCA initiated a Septic Pump Out Program to help reduce the amount of nutrients and bacteria that are reaching the lake.

The Septic Pump Out Program is an initiative of the GLCA to eliminate a significant volume of septic waste before it can contaminate the ground and surface water entering the Lake with excessive nutrients and bacteria. The Program has removed a significant amount of septic waste from the shoreline septic tanks since its inception.

This year we have agreed to a discounted rate of $225 for 1,000 gallons with Odorless Sanitary Cleaners. The Association will reimburse Members for the Odorless charge to pump up to 1,000 gallons of septage. The Member will be responsible for any additional charges required to find and expose their septic tank cover for pumping.

Please help us to protect the lake and achieve our Pump Out Program goals by having your septic tank pumped every two years. Each gallon of effluent pumped is one less gallon that can find its way into the lake.

Pump Out Scheduling and Reimbursement:

1. Call Tara at Odorless Sanitary Cleaners, Inc. at (518) 399-3482 and schedule the pump out. Odorless will make a site visit prior to the pump out if it is warranted.

2. Pay the Odorless bill for the pumping services.

3. Send a copy of the Odorless bill to the: Galway Lake Campers’ Association, Inc., 25 Washington Road, Scotia, New York 12302.

4. Lois Seyse, the Clerk to the Association, will process your request and send a check to reimburse you for the pumping of up to 1,000 gallons of septage.

Pumper Observation Form:

During the pump out, the pumper will record his/her observations concerning the condition and operation of the septic system on a form and provide it to the property owner. The Observation Form is designed to highlight any problems or deficiencies, noted during the pump out, that require further evaluation to identify corrective action. The Observation Form will not be shared with the Association and is a tool to help each participating property owner to better understand the condition of their septic system and correct any deficiencies that are noted.

Recent studies have concluded that septic systems are the primary cause of the nutrients and bacteria that are impeding the safety and recreational quality of our lake. Unless we take aggressive steps to deal with this growing problem, the safety and recreational quality of our lake will continue to diminish. The Galway Lake Septic Pump Out Program is a significant component of our efforts to significantly reduce the impact of nutrients and bacteria, and your cooperation, involving participation in the Pump Out Program along with the correction of any deficiencies noted during the pump out process, will be greatly appreciated.

I hope that you will take this opportunity to have your septic tank pumped and help to protect the future of Galway Lake.