GLCA Board Meeting Summary: August 5, 2023

Deep drawdown this fall: Following discussion, the Board of Directors unanimously approved a deep drawdown to begin October 1 for weed control, as recommended by the Lake Preservation Committee. The drawdown by 10 feet will be complete in late November to allow sediment to dry prior to deep freeze. It was noted that deep drawdowns of the lake of at least 10 feet every 10 years have been the most effective way to combat Eurasian milfoil and have resulted in a significant decrease of this weed over the years. The last deep drawdown was done in 2010.  It was planned to send a letter announcing the deep drawdown and to post the letter on the GLCA website. Members will be reminded in the letter to make arrangements for their pontoon boat and dock removals, as the October 1 start date is three weeks earlier than last year’s regular drawdown.

Lake preservation: Bruce Rowell, Chair of the Lake Preservation Committee, reviewed preservation initiatives, including inspection of all beaches for bacteria, which were found to be within appropriate levels for recreational use, and water clarity, which extends to 14 feet this season. Monitoring of weeds has seen a predominance of native sago pondweed and white stem pondweed in patchy locations but also a strip of milfoil running nearly the circumference of the lake at a depth of approximately 8-10 feet. GLCA members were encouraged to take advantage of the Association’s pump-out program with Odorless Sanitary Cleaners.

Lake level: Kurt Ladu reported that, at the time of this meeting, the lake was full at 20.7 feet.

Officer elections: John Buhrmaster was elected as President of GLCA and Beth Krueger as Vice President. They took office at the conclusion of this meeting. Secretary Treasurer Peter Zakriski is continuing his term. Immediate past president Glen Rundell was thanked for his service. 

Facilities/real property: David Hennel reported that mowing has been increased to three times, as planned. He also discussed additional tree cutting for damaged trees.

Finances and insurance: Secretary-Treasurer Peter Zakriski noted that 60% of the 2023 dues had been received at the time of the meeting, which is in line with last year’s receipt of dues.  Regarding insurance, he reported that the GLCA’s current carrier has sent notification of nonrenewal as they are exiting the business of insuring dams such as ours, but GLCA has it out to bid and expects several companies to be interested. However, as with all insurance this year, a significant increase in cost for the same coverage is expected.

Membership Engagement: Hasna Kaddo, Chair, reviewed activities held and planned for the season including the boat parade, geology and ecology tours on the lake, and fishing tournament. She advised that volunteers are sought for the GLCA float at the August 26 parade in the village which will honor the Galway Fire Company’s 100th anniversary. She should be contacted (  for more information or to volunteer.

Questions: Contact John Buhrmaster, President, or the director from your Grove.