As the GLCA Board works to develop and implement our integrated lake management plan for Galway Lake we think it would be helpful for members to have a historical reference of the 1990 deep drawdown process and corresponding results.

The attached transcription of the presentation, Milfoil Control At Galway Lake, was developed by Mr. Jesse Aronstein and presented at May 16, 1991, Conference on Nuisance Plants in Aquatic Environments: Ecology and Management, Sponsored by the Hudson River Environmental Society, Inc., in cooperation with the Freshwater Institute of RPI.

This transcription provides a concise yet detailed overview of the deep drawdown process as used by the GLCA in 1990 and the associated results. Since twenty years has passed from the drawdown we believe that a review of this information will be helpful for members to put the Darrin Fresh Water Institute’s 2010 report, An Assessment of Aquatic Plant Growth and Filamentous Algae Problems in Galway Lake, Saratoga County, New York, into perspective and better understand some of the findings presented within.

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